• President Obama’s Visit to Saudi Arabia

    Tensions between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have been on the raise lately. Despite being one of the U.S.’s closest Middle East allies, the Obama Administration has been critical of Saudi Arabia’s actions against the Islamic State group and called for Saudi Arabia and Iran to “share the neighborhood.” Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, King Salman has been shaking things up both domestically and internationally. He appointed new ministers, launched new policies, and is facing huge economic challenges with the drop in the price of oil. Add to that the Iranian nuclear deal and you have a recipe for a complicated situation.

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  • JTG’s ESOP Featured in The Washington Business Journal

    It has been an exciting week here at JTG. The announcement of our ESOP ownership transition has created a buzz around the office. We are walking around calling each other “partner” and learning more about what this all means. I (the marketing guy) have been busy in media relations mode and we are all embracing this new facet of our corporate culture.

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  • JTG Logo

    JTG Announces Employee Stock Ownership Plan

    VIENNA, Va., Feb. 24, 2016 — JTG, Inc. announced today that it has completed an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) buyout with a 100% ownership transfer. Former JTG CEO, Muriel Jerome-O’Keeffe, will remain an employee and member of the Board of Directors.

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  • Mobile Learning

    Five Reasons Why Mobile Learning is Important in Second Language Learning

    The use of mobile learning technology in second language learning has become increasingly popular in the modern world. With a majority of instructors and learners in possession of mobile devices and availability of the internet, conventional teaching techniques are slowly fading away. As such, mobile devices and other forms of technology-based tools have been incorporated in education, making second language learning easier and more attractive. Apart from the convenience m-learning offers the modern student, here are five other reasons you should use this innovation in second language learning:

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  • JTG Heads to The Homestead to Celebrate 20 Years and Plan for the Future

    In October 2015, JTG’s management team convened at The Homestead Resort in Warm Springs, VA for a strategy and team building session, as well as relaxation, hiking, and a celebration of JTG’s 20th Anniversary.

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