Our Experience = Your Growth

JTG is experienced in language, national security, and global initiatives with an international presence in terms of both resources and customers. Our language services help governments and businesses make decisions and tackle global challenges when flawless communication is crucial to mission success.

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Translation, Transcreation & Localization
Adaptation of key messages in the original content so that the result in the target language is culturally relevant to the intended audience.

Desktop Publishing

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) & Design
Creation of online and print-ready localized materials that conform to the linguistic, cultural, and typographical standards of each target world market.

Software Localization

Website & Software Localization
Adaptation of websites and software for global market users including visual assets, documentation, and e-commerce. Website visitors and software users demand that products are presented in their language and culture.

Global Content

Language Research
JTG Language Research Center (LRC) supports government and industry Human Language Technology (HLT) challenges and ever-changing needs by developing linguistic resources and corpora in 28 dialects for integration into linguistic software tools.

Litigation Support

Litigation Support
International investigations require increasingly more e-discovery projects that include foreign language data. JTG integrates linguists and legal translators with proven legal expertise to our customer workflow process. The results are cost and time efficient.