JTG provides end-to-end solutions for customers who require deep knowledge of global intelligence, yet the agility to help them respond to a rapidly changing world. We offer four interconnected business lines with one mission –- the success of yours.

Language ServicesLanguage

JTG helps governments and corporations succeed globally by understanding and solving complex issues regarding language, content, authoring, expansion, and making websites and software relevant to global customers. JTG’s broad experience and global presence means that we can help our customers understand, gain acceptance in, and profit from global markets.

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Language TrainingTraining

Corporations are challenged to deliver world-ready products and services under increasingly shortened development cycles. Governments need to integrate and deploy systems, and train personnel prior to deployment, with no room for error. JTG has built a team of exceptionally talented experts and trainers who can help. Programs are available in-person, online, and via mobile technologies.

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Data Analysis


Counterterrorism and security efforts depend on accurate data and relevant intelligence. JTG couples the right technology with the right experience to deliver the insights that help our customers accomplish critical defense, intelligence, and military missions.

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Global Intelligence

Global Perspectives

JTG provides actionable information that helps our customers make global security and business decisions faster and better. Government and commercial customers rely on our experts for analysis and perspectives on topics, events, and issues that impact their likelihood of success in a particular region.

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