Our Experience = Your Efficiency

Whether it’s preparing executives for international deployment or expanding your company globally, JTG provides customized, efficient training to navigate new languages and cultures. Our trainers have expertise in language acquisition, e-learning, cross cultural content, international business, counter-terrorism, data analysis, and intelligence and can deliver training on-site, online, or via mobile technologies.

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Cross-Cultural Training

Country-specific Training
Education for professionals working across cultural boundaries, enabling them to navigate geopolitical and cultural obstacles.

Counterterrorism Training

Counterterrorism Training
Courses provided by subject matter experts suitable for the public and private sectors.

Language Learning

Foreign Language Acquisition
Performance-based language programs customized to each client’s requirements and domain of expertise.

English Language Learning (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL)
Courses taught by native English speakers and tailored to each student’s needs and level.

Translation and Interpretation

Translation and Interpretation Training
Basic, intermediate, and advanced classes for translators and interpreters working in the public and private sectors.

Testing and Evaluation

Testing and Evaluation
E-learning and mobile language proficiency testing and evaluation in 153 languages and dialects.